The springtime splendour of Peyloubère during lockdown

May is in its final week. We have all been in lockdown since the 11th March and here in our beautiful refuge in the south west of France we have watched the first awakening of Spring unfurl into a magnificent blossoming of nature. It seems even more vibrant this year. The fields are carpetted with orchids and wildflowers.

The roses are magnificent and we are sure more perfumed than usual.

The birds seem more numerous and their songs more joyful than ever. The hoopoo, whose arrival always heralds warmer spring days, have been and gone. The owls that live in the barn have been hunting by day as well as night and the glorious song of a nightingale accompanied me and Nina on our evening walk for over a week before he found a mate and moved on.

It is such a pity not to be sharing all this with our guests but we are hoping to be up and running again from July and are awaiting the announcement of Monsieur Macron at the end of next week, hopefully lifting travel restrictions and allowing group gatherings. In the meantime we are being optimistic and preparing the cottages and the gardens so that they are ready with precautions in place to welcome guests.

Watch this space for news of our progress. Peyloubère is a true haven of tranquillity and beauty and an ideal place to recuperate from the trama of the past few months.

springtime visitor

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