Covid-19 – preparing Peyloubère for the future

This page has been added to our website on the 27th April. Peyloubère is looking beautiful in its springtime splendour and we only wish we could share it with our guests as in happier times.

It is clear that none of us can know how the coming months will unfold. However when the spread of Covid-19 is contained, travel and group gathering restrictions are lifted and we feel it is safe to welcome guests to Peyloubère, we want to assure you that we will be ready.

We are taking several precautions; we will reduce the number of guests in residence at any one time, observe social distancing between hosts and guests as well of course as ensure that cleaning regimes in the cottages and public areas are even more stringent than usual.

We are fortunate in several ways –

  • We are located in a part of France that has no major transport routes and has the lowest infection rate in France
  • Peyloubère is a large property isolated from the nearest village Pavie, and town, Auch with plenty of space in which to walk and relax away from other guests.
  • The cottages have separate entrances and gardens so it is easy to observe physical distance.
  • With a full 24 hours between reservations we will have time to ensure that Cleanliness, which has always been a priority, will be even more stringent
  • Access to the principal shared area – the swimming pool. This can easily be regulated with co-operation between guests so that families can have sole use of the pool at specified times. We have made enquiries about the transfer of Covid-19 in swimming pools and the advice is that existing treatments would be sufficient to kill the virus.

In line with our fellow holiday cottage operators, we are committed to be as flexible and supportive to our guests as possible. To this end, and for new bookings from now until the end of 2020, we will suspend the requirement to confirm a reservation with a 20per cent deposit and also reduce the advance payment period from six to two weeks before the start of your stay. We recognise that advance holiday planning will be difficult for the remainder of this year and hope that these exceptions will be helpful and will be observed in the spirit in which they are offered.

It is our sincere wish that we are able to continue to share Peyloubère with our guests later this year as a much-needed haven of tranquillity and beauty in these extra-ordinary and difficult times.

We will make regular updates to this page as the situation unfolds. With best wishes and stay safe and well,

Theresa Martin